5 Smart Ways to Prepare for a New Job

5 Smart Ways to Prepare for a New Job

Accepting a new career opportunity is a momentous day for any job seeker. It means you’ve completed the company’s exam — and the company has passed yours — and you’re on the way to the next move of your career.

However, astute employees understand that landing a career is just half the fight. Much as you researched and practised for the interview, you’ll need to be prepared for the first day so you can step in confidently to leave a good impact on your new manager and coworkers.

Whether you’re taking a few days off before starting your new job or only have a weekend in between, here are five things you can do to mentally prepare yourself for day one.

Investigate the current coworkers and community.

When you begin your new career, you will be required to memorise a slew of names and faces when you encounter your coworkers. You will get a head start on this challenge by sending LinkedIn requests to people you meet during the interview process and browsing the profiles of those at your new employer.

Take a few moments to study the new bosses and coworkers “Ravin Carr, the developer of the optimization app FewClix for Outlook, agreed. “Examine their working positions and past experience. This can help you appreciate their talents and how you can supplement the team’s current abilities.

“You want to be ready for any travel, critical activities, or goals that will come across your desk right away,” Daly said. “The first week is crucial for setting the groundwork for your future at the new organisation.”

Take an inventory of your abilities.

If this is your first, second, seventh, or tenth job, the hiring manager clearly thought your experience suited you for the new role. Until you start, consider your current work duties and how your current abilities will help you excel — as well as what you can do to fill any holes.

Consider if you excelled in your previous job and how you could progress “According to Steve Sims, chief design officer of the gamification site Badgeville. “Prepare to highlight your strengths while being vigilant and conservative about your shortcomings.

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