Dress for a Job Interview

Dress for a Job Interview

You understand how important it is to make a good first impression during a job interview, and that how you dress for the interview is a major part of that. However, getting ready for a work interview is a lot more difficult than it used to be.

Let’s say you’re going to an Job Interview at a company where no one, even the CEO, wears a suit. Is it still appropriate to dress formally for the occasion, or would you stand out? And, if you do opt for a more casual look, how can you maintain your professional and polite demeanour?

When in doubt, put on a little make-up.

There are a variety of uniform rules. A tech start-up in Silicon Valley, for example, may frown on someone dressed too formally, while a Fortune 50 business on Madison Avenue may frown on someone dressed too casually. It’s crucial to get a sense of the company atmosphere before going into the interview so that you can dress appropriately. 1

Regardless of what the rest of the company is wearing, it’s important to pay close attention to your appearance during a work interview. A candidate wearing a suit and tie, or a dress and boots, would normally make a much better impression than one wearing jeans and sneakers. 2

How to Dress for a Business Meeting

If you’re going on a work Job Interview with an organization in a conventional sector like finance, banking, or insurance, you should dress more formally. For men, this means a suit and tie, while for women, it means a pantsuit or skirt and blouse.

Men’s Interview Fashion Show
In the business world, the best interview outfits for men seem to be traditional. Suits should still be the default choice for men. All clothing should be well-fitting and stain-free.

Here are several pointers for men interviewing for corporate positions:

Choose a solid color like navy, purple, or dark gray for your suit.

  • Long-sleeved shirt in white or a color that matches the suit
  • Belt made of leather
  • a tie
  • Socks in a dark color and leather shoes that aren’t too flashy
  • There should be no or very little jewelry.
  • Hairstyle that is neat and professional.
  • A small amount of aftershave is available.
  • Nails that are neatly trimmed
  • Briefcase or portfolio

Interview Outfits for Women

In general, women’s interview attire in corporate employment is more complex and varied than men’s. The expanded choices make putting together an interview outfit for women a little more difficult than for men. If you’re wearing a dress or skirt, for example, you’ll need to decide whether to wear pantyhose or go bare-legged.

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